PCX  14/14

R$ 8.990,00 á vista

Entrada de 1.070,00 + 36 x R$ 424,96 ou 48 x 368,91. (Sujeito á analise de credito na Financeira Omni.)

ou 12 x R$ 848,00 ( cartão de credito.)

3 meses de Garantia+Revisão de Entrega.

3 reviews for White CS

  1. giangnh@byjoomla.com


    The finish is sweet and classy. With shine where it needs it and lines that speak to you, even if others don’t notice, you will. Will definitely purchase one.

  2. giangnh@byjoomla.com


    After riding the bicycles nearly daily since our test ride, I thought it was important to point out that I still feel the same way about this bike. I love it!

  3. giangnh@byjoomla.com


    It is a fun ride at a good price that fills an important niche: a modern, good-looking, reasonably-priced 3-speed roadster designed specifically for an bike enthusiast.

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  • 2015
  • 16.000
  • gasolina
  • Branca
  • PMX

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